Winter Snowman Dog Costume


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The best thing about winter is being able to go outside and build a snowman.  Then, you get to have the fun of imagining the guy coming to life and… who knows?  Dancing and singing?  Performing heroic deeds?  Is there a super snowman!?

Well, either way, unless you’ve got a bit of ice magic at your disposal, having Frosty the snowman is rather limited by the season and having them run around on their own is just about impossible without a certain piece of magic apparel.  However, we do have one other idea…


Skip all the magical requirements and enjoy, not only an animated snow friend, but a best snow friend.  This Snowman Dog Costume will let your pooch stay cozy and give you an adorable Snowpup at the same time!  This plump, white half coat and hood combo turns your pet’s front side into an adorable faced snowman.  It will be a delight to watch the holiday-geared guy run down the hall to share in the treats and toys.

Includes: Body with Attached Arms, Hood, Hat and Scarf

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