Toddler Classic Batman Costume, DC Comics


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When Gothams criminals run wild, nothing gets them shaking in their boots like the sight of Batman, even a pint-sized version! A poor little rich kid name Bruce Wayne by day, this masked avenger comes out at night to protect the innocent civilians of Gotham from the same kind criminal evil that took his parents away.

100% polyester
Licensed from Batman: The Brave and the Bold
Blue and grey jumpsuit w/ Batman symbol on chest
Soft spikes on the cuffs
Printed yellow utility belt
Blue cowl w/ bat ears
Cape w/ scalloped bottom
Keeps super villains away your neighborhood


Size: Toddler
Ages: 1-2 yr
Child Size: 2-4
Jumpsuit Torso: 19″
Jumpsuit Length: 29 1/2″
Cape Length: 20″
Jumpsuit Chest: 26″ – 29″

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