Star Trek Movie Child’s Deluxe Nero Costume




Seek revenge for your family while in this Kid’s Star Trek Deluxe Nero Costume. Nero is a Romulan who blames Spock and the rest of the Federation for the destruction of his planet. They did nothing to prevent it and Nero lost everything. In the 2009 Star Trek film, Nero was the main antagonist and attempted to hunt down the USS Enterprise. Now, young fans of the character and movie can wear this outfit. You receive a long brown jacket with an attached black shirt. Complete the ensemble with the included mask. It depicts Nero’s face with shaved head and tattoo markings. Make sure the Starfleet pays for their mistakes. Wear the Nero costume during Star Trek events and other themed occasions. There are other matching items and outfits others can wear such as Spock and Captain Kirk. Look around our website for accessories and everything you need to complete your Trekkie dreams.





 Toddler (2-4) 




 Small (4-6) 




 Medium (8-10) 




 Large (12-14) 




 X-Large (14-16)  




 Standard (8-10)




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