Perseus Shield, Clash of the Titans


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This shield will complete to look of any Perseus costume! This plastic shield is 18 inches wide by 19 inches tall. It is designed to look ancient dragon scales and is black with tan highlights all over. The scales are molded into the plastic that this piece is made from a for a completely three dimensional look. The back of the shield features two straps for holding the shield in place during battle. Medusa won’t be able to turn you to stone with this shield!

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This shield looks great for more than just Perseus costumes. Could be used for Ancient Greek or Romans, other Clash of the Titans characters, an Alien army, Warcraft, etc…

*Please Note* – This shield is is for looks only, it is not sturdy enough for play fighting. Its made of a flexible vacuform plastic, not the really hard plastic some toy weapons are made of.

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