Mr. Bed Bugs Costume. Creepy Crawlies


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It’s said that our nightmares and fears reveal our greatest concerns regarding our lifestyles, where we live, and what could easily disrupt that. For anyone in an urban city, one of the biggest threats out there are bedbugs. If you love the creepy crawly critters, then you’ll enjoy donning the Mr. Bed Bugs Costume for Men this Halloween! A simple robe with a sash and pants are included in this outfit, but the bedbugs are definitely crawling about! The weary and pock marks of the outfit definitely imply the presence of bedbugs. Pair this costume with some fake blood and pale makeup to make you seem like the coming of the next Armageddon! Couches and beds beware – the slayer of furniture is near! Try to sleep easy tonight and make sure those bed bugs don’t bite! Order it online today with fast shipping and get ready to keep Pest Control on speed dial!


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