Klingon Deluxe Costume, Star Trek: The Next Generation


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Whether you want to grab a Bird-of-Prey and undermine Captain Picard for some sort of intergalactic conspiracy or you want to team up with Lieutenant Worf to restore his house’s honor, well, this costume will be just the thing for you. Standard issue threads for the Klingon Defense Force, this style costume first debuted in Star Trek: The Motion Picture and endured right through The Next Generation with only minor changes over time.

This detailed costume includes a top, pants with attached boot tops, and a belt. The top is styled like the Klingon uniforms worn during Star Trek The Next Generation era, with a vest style armor top, and long sleeves. The furry fleece sleeves have attached logos for a touch of authenticity, and the “armor” has a look that instantly evokes the classic characters from the Klingon homeworld.

All you’ll need to do to complete the costume look is to use the headpiece to achieve the iconic look of a ridged forehead. The headpiece features a molded vinyl appliance that covers your forehead and sits below your nose. Just trim the nose to fit your face, and use makeup effects of your choosing to complete your costume appearance.

So there’s no doubt about it, choosing this costume is going to be a major Q’plaa!

**Note:  There is hair on the headpiece but it very thin, not as thick as pictured in the stock photo. But you could add a long wig to get the thicker hair look. Actual color of the headpiece varies and tends to be redder as in the second stock photo.

Standard Size: Fits up to jacket size 44

Includes:  Headpiece, Top, Pants and Belt

Does not include:  Mustache, Goatee and Makeup

  • Men’s Deluxe Klingon Costume from Star Trek
  • 100% polyester
  • Shirt has faux fur sleeves with Klingon details
  • Back of shirt secures hook and loop closure strip
  • Foam backing on shirt front for shape and detail
  • Pants have elastic waistband and belt ties around waist
  • Faux leather boot tops are attached to pant legs
  • Headpiece extends down face and fits under nose
  • Molded vinyl headpiece with attached wig
  • Officially licensed

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