Girls Deluxe Ghostbuster’s Movie Costume




Has your child been going through an early career crisis? Not that they’ve ever truly pursued a career, but if your little one is as ambitious as the other kids we’ve met, they’ve likely decided to be about a dozen things sometimes within a month’s time. Veterinarian, nuclear scientist, zoo keeper, botanist, an astronaut… all great choices, but there’s really no shame in getting the urge to bust ghosts out of the way while they’re still young. They’ve never been afraid of no ghosts, so why not? They can investigate slime, ooze, ectoplasm, and marshmallow men just as well as Venkman and Stantz before them, and when it comes time to truly bust some ghosts, they already know that you never cross the streams.

Includes: Ghostbusters patch on right shoulder, plastic sleeve for name tag on chest, Inflatable vinyl backpack and proton wand feature Ghostbusters theme print

Size Height Waist
Large 56″-60″ 31″-34″

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Weight 1.15 lbs




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