Ghoul Of My Dreams Teen Costume


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Historically the ghoul is likely one of the oldest, not to mention one of the scariest monsters ever to hit legend as well as folklore. The ghoul has long been associated with all things evil or surrounding darkness or death. Folklore and literature from the Ancient Middle Eastern culture referenced these demonic beings, telling hideous tales of grave robbing, ultimate deceit and even cannibalism, all which add to the ghoul’s notoriously creepy reputation. Ghouls have also been known to be sordid sorcerers, practicing a dark form of magic, taking on many different forms in order to do their evil bidding. From evil trickery to the consumption of both living and dead human flesh, this truly heinous being is not something you want to mess with–but she sure makes a great Halloween costume!


  • Ghoul of My Dreams hooded costume dress and belt
  • Skull detail; shoes and tights available separately

  • Size Bust  Waist
    Teen Small 30″-32″ 22″-24″


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