Fabulous Womens 50’s Car Hop Girl Costume,


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Man, those were some happy days, weren’t they? When all the cool guys and their girls would roll their cruisers right up to Junior’s Diner drive in, order up their grub over the crackling speaker, and then cute gals in uniforms with short skirts would bring their burgers and fries and root beer floats and milkshakes right out to their car windows? It was the hippest place to hang out and have a blast on summer nights in every town around.

Well, now you can step back in time to the nostalgia of the drive ins of the 1950s by wearing this cute, retro Women’s Car Hop Girl Costume! Believe us, you’ll definitely be the one who gets asked to serve up all the fun at the Halloween party.

Dig this: your little car hop costume has a black top and light blue satiny skirt, styled just like the uniforms the waitresses wore in the 1950s. There’s even a petticoat underneath the skirt for 50s flare. A “Junior’s Diner” logo is printed on the front and back of the top so everybody at the party can see you coming and going. The prim little collar and short sleeve trim and the crisp white apron makes the outfit authentic looking. And what good car hop waitress would go out to the drive in without her hat on? Not a single one, that’s for sure! So pop on your saucy little blue hat with sequin trim on top of your ‘do, and get ready to roll!

  • 100% Polyester
  • Dress with a black top and light blue skirt
  • White and sequin trim on the top
  • “Junior’s Diner” logo printed on the front and back
  • Black trim on the skirt with an attached white petticoat
  • White apron with black and squin trim
  • Blue polyfoam hat with sequin trim
  • Flirty style without being too revealing
Items Included
  • Cap
  • Dress
  • Apron
Standard Size:
Chest 38″
Waist 24″ – 32″
Length 35″

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Weight 0.9375 lbs



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