Child Deluxe Batgirl Cape




What’s the first thing you think of when you imagine Batgirl? Her amazing fighting skills? Her Olympic-level agility? Her cool, cunning mind?

It’s the cape, isn’t it?

Everyone knows a superhero’s costume is the most important part of their character, and a cape adds the pizzazz to push an ensemble to the next level. A gritty nighttime silhouette doesn’t have the same oomph without a cape flapping dramatically in the wind.

This satin cape is black on the outside and purple on the inner lining. Its edged with a sparkly purple trim (but not too sparkly that the bad guys won’t take you seriously). Its slightly ruffled at the neckline and amazing shiny batgirl emblem on the back. 

  • 100% polyester satin fabric
  • Cape has black shell, purple lining, peaked hemline
  • Fastens with Velcro at neck
  • Embroidered bat emblem on back

Includes:  One cape

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Weight 0.625 lbs




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