Child Dark Mad Hatter Costume


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He always was a little…strange. After all Mad is his middle…no first name! (which we’re sure carries much more weight.) It’s one thing to be mad though, at least he’s a little cheerful then. Now the Mad Hatter himself has taken a bit more of a lonely path down the road to madness. It’s a little less colorful and a lot more bleak. One could say he’s taken a sort of a dark turn. He likes his tea without sugar now and his laughs are a little more diabolical than anything. His riddles have a bit more of a deadly punchline even if you get it right. Alice better be a little more careful next time she comes back. Wonderland is taking a turn for the worse. Before long it might have to change its name to fit the mood.

Sizes Chest Waist Hips Height Weight
M (8-10) 29″ 25″ 30″ 55″ up to 80 lbs.

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