Celtic Warrior Adult Costume




Celtic Warrior Adult Costume Let the battles begin!

This proud Warrior Woman roamed the plains and hills of ancient Eire, nowadays known as Ireland, hunting and fighting as well as any sweaty, rugged male! The ancient Roman scribe and historian Plutarch made note in his travels of women in Britannica and Eire who commanded armies as feared and respected soldiers. The ancient Celts often told tales of Warrior Women, such as the goddess Morrigan; who ruled over death and the battlefield. According to Celtic legend, hearing the cry of a crow or raven on the battlefield (her most noteworthy symbols), was a sure omen of death. Popular television shows like Xena: Warrior Princess and Charmed have served to further inspire the mystique surrounding these head-strong shield-maidens.

 This costume would be perfect for Celtic, Roman or Greek costumes.

This 3 piece Deluxe Costume is available in Adult Women’s sizes:
Small/Medium 4-8
Medium/Large 8-14

Includes: Greenish/Turquoise hi-low halter dress with faux suede waist cincher and foam panel detail, single faux suede arm cuff, and headband.

Made out of 100% polyester.

Size Name Clothing Size Chest Cup Waist Hips
Women M/L 10-14 34″-38″ B/C 25″-29″ 36″-40″
Women S/M 4-8 32″-36″ A/B 23″-27″ 34″-38″

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