Women's Pirate Wench Costume

California Costumes

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Avast me hearties--that means "listen up" to you landlubbers! Cap'n says it’s bad luck to have a wench on the ship...but Cap'n isn’t here right now, is he? So hop aboard (and why not take over command, while you’re at it?) If any of these scurvy dogs try to tell on you we'll make sure them’s walking the plank, ourselves.

Includes: Dress with adjustable skirt, Corset and Head Tie

Sizes Chest Waist Hips Height Weight
Small (6-8) 36″ 27″ 37″ 67″ up to 125 lbs.
Medium (8-10) 38" 29" 39" 68" up to 140 lbs
Large (10-12) 40" 31" 41" 68" up to 155 lbs