Towering Terror Pumpkin Costume

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Way too overgrown to harvest the Towering Terror Pumpkin is a huge costume! By using an inflatable head/shoulder piece and pumpkin mask the costume can add more than 2 feet of height to the wearer. A fabric panel in the costume "chest" lets you see out of. With extra included components this costume can also be used as a hang up decoration. The included components are: Oversized robe with hood, Pumpkin mask cover, Inflatable head/shoulder piece, Monster hands, Inflatable arms for decor use and 20ft of cord for decor use.
  • Towering Terror Pumpkin Costume
  • 100% polyester
  • Mask is a jack-o-lantern with a sinister smile and pointy teeth
  • Pair of orange hands with huge claws
  • Robe conceals the wearer and the inflatables, has a sheer portion to look out of
  • Inflatable height extender sits on your shoulders and holds up the mask and the hood
  • Pair of inflatable arms so those creepy claws look real
  • Item can be used as a costume or as decor
  • 20ft cord for hanging, noose optional