The Wizarding World Of Harry Potter Slytherin Socks for Adults


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If you want to show your Harry Potter spirit but need to keep it low-key for the Muggles in your life, you can rock our The Wizarding World Of Harry Potter Slytherin Adult Socks on Halloween! These silver and green socks feature the Slytherin snake logo prominently displayed, so anyone who sees these socks will know you have a ticket on the Hogwarts Express. You'll be ready to go to Potions class with Professor Snape when you're wearing these snappy and snakey socks! Snape will surely give you a few extra House points for your fashion sense. 
You may not be putting on a full set of Hogwarts robes this year, but you can still let everyone know you belong to the House where dwell the brave at heart! You'll be disguised as a Muggle this Halloween, but you'll still know that you're ready to defeat Voldemort, go searching for Fantastic Beasts, or face down Malfoy in a Quidditch match. You'll love how you can keep up your Harry Potter fandom on the down-low with these casual socks! These socks can serve you well in any situation, from Halloween, to a comic convention, to a normal day at work or school. You can leave these socks covered up, or show everybody your cool Slytherin socks!  Order our The Wizarding World Of Harry Potter Slytherin Adult Socks today!