Scooby-Doo Zip Up Hoodie, Scooby Doo Collection


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The Mystery Inc., gang would not be complete without their favorite great dane. He may be more interested in finding the food instead of the ghosts or bad guys, but give him (and his side kick Shaggy) enough Scooby Snacks and they'll be on the hunt with Daphne, Fred and Velma to solve the mystery at hand.

  • 100% polyester sweatshirt fleece with rib knit waistband
  • Separating front zipper, mitts sewn to wrist cuffs flip back to free hands
  • Printed collar & dog tag at neck, printed face & soft-sculpted ears on top of hood
  • Officially licensed

Size: Medium

Chest 44" - 46"
Length 26"