Headless Horseman Tombstone


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Nothing quite inspires horror like a tombstone and this Headless Horseman Tombstone Prop is a killer accent that looks like it comes to you direct from a graveyard! We promise that no grave-robbing was actually committed to make this available though. The tombstone is made entirely from molded plastic with a finish that makes it look worn and aged just like a real tombstone would be.  It stands approximately 21 inches high. As singular accent this Headless Horseman Tombstone Prop excels as a creepy accent for any horror or gothic decor. Using several only enhances the appeal while also creating the look of an old graveyard too.

Key Features:

  • Tombstone prop with a bite taken out of the top
  • Skeletons holding banner that says: 1778 HERE LYETH THE BODY OF A HESSIAN SOLDIER


  • Possesses a sinister and realistic stone look
  • Great for in-home decorating and yard displays
  • Approximately 21" tall x 14" wide
  • Designed for indoor or outdoor use


  • Made from molded plastic