Boys Vampire Knight Costume, size 6, Undead Warrior, Defect SALE Halloween

Nevermore Costumes

$ 16.99 

**Costume Sale**
This item is part of our seasonal sale of less than perfect costumes. Costumes that may be missing a piece or two, mislabeled, missing packaging, or some other defect. Please read description to find out why it’s on sale. Our loss is your gain!

**Defect** - this costume is suppose to have a sculpted Chest piece with wings with it but it is missing.

Tunic with photo-real printed armor
Red Detachable cape
Waist belt

Does Not Include:
Sculpted Chest piece with wings (Missing)

Size 6. Fits waist 22-22.5 inches. Height 45-46 inches.

The ultimate undead warrior! A photo-real tunic. Blood red accents line his gauntlets and belt. A crimson cape flows mysteriously behind this supernatural knight, evoking fear to all those who set eyes upon him! For Ages 6 Years and Up