Adult Hunted Harvest Pumpkin Halloween Costume

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Heeeeeere's Jack! Okay, so not all Jack-O-Lanterns are nice. This one's. rather scary, we have to admit. This item features a tattered plaid green shirt, rope waist tie and big mouth evil pumpkin mask! We won't be carving any pumpkins around this ghastly guy! With our Mens Hunted Harvest Halloween Costume, you'll be the real "bad seed" at any party!

Includes: Shirt, Collar, Waist Tie, Big Mouth Mask

Not included - Pants, Boots, Gloves and toy weapon

Sizes Chest Waist Hips Height Weight
L/XL (42-46) 44-46″ 38-40″ N/A 70″ up to 200 lbs.