Adult Dark Knight Scarecrow Mask


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Made of glossy and highly detailed vinyl, this mask has that hyper-realistic "cinematic" look that perfectly matches the Scarecrow from "Batman Begins." Either wear it with a Jonathan Crane-like business suit, or throw on a good old-fashioned straitjacket. And you won't need any of Dr. Crane's special "fear gas," because you'll scare the sanity out of your friends (and the entire Halloween party) on sight! However you decide to do it, in the Adult Dark Knight Scarecrow Mask, there'll be no mistaking you for Gotham's most dreaded, hallucination-inducing super villain!

  • Made of vinyl
  • Officially licensed
  • Molded to the shape of the Scarecrow
Items Included
  • Adult Dark Knight Scarecrow Mask